Targo / Zosk (targo_zosk) wrote in gryphon_yiff,
Targo / Zosk


Been making some changes to both the site as well as the GY boards. As for the site, have changed the openning page as well as the disclaimers page. Will be working on a gallery for artwork soon and have that linked to the main page. May adopt some new poilicies along the way, will keep you informed.
As for the board, we have made some major changes. The old board which was on EZBoard is now closed and we're now in with PHPbb forum board. The new board can be found: http://gryphon-yiff.com/forum/ :on that site. I'm hoping to make the board more user friendly very soon for all.
-Targo Gryphon, co-founder of Gryphon-yiff.
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