Targo / Zosk (targo_zosk) wrote in gryphon_yiff,
Targo / Zosk

Happy new year....

May be a little late, but happy new year all! Hope everyone has a good 2005!!! ^.^
Other news.... website construction to take place soon and the main GY site will be going down to allow the new uploads to it. This only effects GY's siyte itself and no other site in the GY domain.
Mod calls to soon go out for a new mod, possible new admin. To become a mod, please send an E-mail to Sophius@gryphon-yiff.com (subject line: Mod). Please inclued a reason why you think you would make a good mod for the channel as well as normal online times. Mod min requirements to soon come (Will edit this post).
-Targo Gryphon: Owner, co-founder of GY
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